After living in the country for 4-5 months, I’ve seen a lot of amazing and crazy stuff. Small details and behaviors that amazed me or made me think what is wrong with those people, are part of day to day life for Colombians. Let’s dive in!

  1. Colombia is the country of “Puentes”! Puentes is the Spanish word for bridge and in Colombia puentes are the national holidays. I thought Greece had many national holidays but here OMG they have 17 of them! And almost all of them are on Mondays so you can have 3 consecutive days off. Those guys are professionals in NOT WORKING!! 😉
  2. Colombia is a place where you can get on or off a bus anywhere you like. The few proper bus stops are only on the main streets, so you can stop a bus almost anywhere. That’s crazy ineffective as the bus driver has to stop every 10 seconds to collect or drop people.
  3. Colombia is the place where you HAVE to know how to dance salsa. People are so concerned that you don’t have a good time if you don’t dance. But don’t worry, they are always eager to teach you how! 😉
  4. In bigger cities like Medellin, prostitution is everywhere.
  5. Colombia is full of bird cage houses. Every single window has bars on it, sometimes even the small yards in front of the house have bars everywhere just like a bird cage. I guess they are just tired of getting robbed all the time.
  6. Colombia is a place where you can hear people saying “It’s freezing cold!” when it is just 13 degrees Celsius.
  7. Here you can find very creative names for bars like “MariaJuana”.
  8. In Colombia bus passengers can have lunch on the road. Honestly the last time I was going to Medellin someone ordered fish and ate it while the bus was moving.
  9. They have tons of different slang language for vagina. They can say “arepa rellena” (filled arepa) or simple “arepa” instead of vagina because of its shape. In the coast they call the woman’s genitals Papaya. So basically, in the coast the phrase “No dar papaya” – don’t give papaya means “Do not open your legs” 🙂
  10. Colombia is a dentist’s paradise. Almost everybody who can afford it, will put on bracers at some point. And I’m not only talking about teenagers. I’ve seen several 30 year old men with bracers.
  11. In Colombia there are party buses (Chiva buses)  that run all night. You can drink and dance your ass off while enjoying a city
  12. It’s a country where it rains every single day at 4pm. I mean it! The weather is just programmed this way. So take your umbrella with you!
  13. When you meet a girl, you should always ask if she has kids, even if she is 21 years old!
  14. Colombia is one of the most diverse countries in the world and so its music varies from African style rhythms to slow ballad like -I wanna kill myself songs. I really like the African style rhythms of the coast. They are uplift and people are so dancing so passionate about them. I’ve been to a couple of live performances and it was great! So folklore has been great, salsa is just fine. I’m a terrible dancer but I LOVE how people dance and having fun with it. But how about the pop music that plays on the radio and in non-salsa bars. IT SUCKS big time! It’s even worse than Greek pop music, which is bad already.
  15. Colombian men can be so disrespectful towards women in public places. I’ve seen many times taxi drivers whistling to girls on the street.
  16. Colombia is full of women with fake boobs and asses.
  17. Colombian coast is so much different than the rest of the country. The accent, the people, the weather, the land in general.
  18. Certain ATMs ask you if you want to make a small donation to the bank. A donation…. TO THE BANK!! :/
  19. There are several single mothers. Long happy marriage is not as common. But they don’t seem to care. 🙂

In the end of the day Colombia is one of the most beautiful countries I have ever been. The different landscapes, the women, the dancing culture.. it’s just charming!